Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I need a My Smart Snacker™?

A: My Smart Snacker™ gives you a personal storage container for holding your favorite snacks and a built-in cup holder for holding your favorite beverages safely at arm's reach when you travel.

Q: Will the product fit all existing cup holders?

A: My Smart Snacker™ was designed to fit in existing cup holders measuring 3-4" in diameter, and 2-4" in depth, and for use on any flat surface (table or floor). We've also included a Flexible Sleeve to secure your My Smart Snacker™ into your existing cupholder.

Q: How many parts are included with My Smart Snacker™?

A: There are five total components that make up our patented My Smart Snacker™ personal travel container.

Q: Why was the My Smart Snacker™ created?

A: My Smart Snacker™ personal travel containers were created because people who travel need more than a cup holder!

Q: What are some of the applications for the My Smart Snacker™?

A: In Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Boats, Trains, Buses, Aircraft, Campers and RV's.
Yard Work Equipment: Garden and Lawn Tractors.
Recreation: Crafting Parties, The Beach, Swimming Pool, Lawn Chairs.
Limited Mobility Equipment: Wheelchairs, Power Chairs, and Power Scooters.
Flat Surfaces: Tables or Floors (works better than a coaster).
Entertainment: Home Game Tables, Home Media Furniture, Sports and Stadium Seating.

Q: Can I order other colors?

A: Currently we only stock the original My Smart Snacker™ in Black, Grey, Tan and White.