About Us

Tan and White My Smart Snacker in vehicle.

Smart Snacker Products is a family owned business that was founded on September 1st, 2010. The founder and owner of the company, Loren (Sam) Samuelson, is also the inventor of the patented My Smart Snacker™ product line which consists of: My Smart Snacker™, My Smart Snacker Jr™, and My Smart Snacker XL™.

My Smart Snacker™ is the perfect product for holding your favorite snacks and beverages safely within arm's reach. It helps to keep your vehicle clean too. Moms love our product because it helps them control snack portions for their children when they're on the road.

My Smart Snacker Layout

About Our Product

My Smart Snacker™ is an injection-molded product consisting of five components: Four out of the five components are made from Polypropylene, making My Smart Snacker™ dishwasher safe, and safe for food products. The Container comes with two compartments: One for snacks and one for beverages (up to 24 oz. beverages). The Snack Compartment comes with a Snap-On Lid to keep snacks fresh when not being consumed. There is also a removable Cup Holder Base and a Flexible Sleeve to keep your My Smart Snacker™ fitting snug in existing cup holders. The removable Base, unscrews from the Container to transition from your vehicle to any flat surface (table, floor, etc.). The Base also doubles for storage of personal items and comes with a Screw-On Cap to keep your personal items secure when the Base isn't being used. The Screw-On Cap can be stored on the bottom of the My Smart Snacker™ container when the Base is in use.